Wordpress or Blogger|Which is best for free blogging

There is a confusion that,Wordpress or Blogger.com ,which is best for free blogging?The confusion mostly for new bloggers. 

In this post I have tried to give a solution about wordpress and blogger,which is best for free blogging.I thnk Blogger is best for starting a free blog.At, the end of the post you may agree with me.

Most of the confusion for new bloggers.And mostly between Blogger and wordpress.
I think ,If you read this post you may able to escape your confusion about wordpress and blogger.
In this post, you will learn about advantages and disadvantages of using Blogger and wordpress blog.

Advantages and disadvantages of using Wordpress blog:

Wordpress.com is a free web hosting service started at 8 August,2005 as a beta version.After was released finally at November of the same year.It is very easy to create a blog in wordpress is vary easy.There is a another service available in Wordpress and that is operated as CMS.

Advantages of using Wordpress blog:

If you work in free wordpress blog, you can learn easily wordpress CMS.That will help you to make professional Wordpress blog by CMS.

Huge high quality WordPress themes  available , by using these WordPress themes you can make a attractive and professional website or blog.

You can upload any kind of files in WordPress like video, audio etc.

Vary useful for using Google adsense and you can earn a lot of by using wordpress.

Disadvantages of using Wordpress blog:

If you want to use wordpress professionally you may fall in various problems.Because you want to create a blog to earn money.Google adsense is best for earn from a blog.It is very difficult to approve Google adsense using wordpress.There are two conditions, your monthly page views should be more than 30,000 and the another is you have to pay half of adsense earning to the wordpress.com.

Advantages and disadvantages of using Blogspot.com blog:

Blogger.com or Blogspot.com is the free hosting service from Google.

Advantages of using Blogger blog:

You can create a professional website here free.If you know SEO well you may get more visitors and higher PR.

If you contain good and unique  content , you can get Google adsense easily.

Professional and SEO themes are also available for Blogger.

Vary easy to manage a blogger blog.

Disadvantages of using Blogspot blog:

Blogger templates are not so attractive like wordpress.

Comparatively less suitable for adsense than wordpress.com

You can try wordpress to learn CMS.Blogspot.com is best for beginners.

So, now your choice, wordpress or blogger?

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