Make money by forum posting|Forum posting job

You may already conscious about the word forum posting.Forum means a open discussion place.

In this post I want to share about forum , how to post in a forum and at last how to make money by forum posting.

Many of us try to make money from internet.For this, we have to increase our expertise.It is available occurring that,new freelancers bid for a project without understanding a project.As, a result it is vary difficult for them to complete the job.

Now, I want to discuss with a vary simple and common job in freelancing site is forum posting.Forum posting jobs are available in all freelancing marketplace.Now a days forum posting job also available in microsites.Now,if you want to do the forum posting job, you have to follow some rules and regulation.

What is forum?

Forum is a platform in web where it's members are discuss about a topic.A forum may be be totally individual.So, a forum is made for a subject-matter discussion.Forums may be a part of a website.For example, w3school is a website for learning web design.They have a forum where people discuss about web design.There are many forums which are developed only for forum posting.For example, is developed for different kinds of discussion like webdesign,make money,SEO etc.Some forims are only for a single topic.Generally, in a forum, one of a member submit question and other members are reply it.As, a result a forum gets a lot of visitors.Many webmasters try to leave a link here with reply.

Tips and tricks of forum posting?

At first register in various forums and read the rules and regulation properly.

Try to understand the discussion of  forum.

Try to post slowly.Primarily, post 1/2 topics daily and try to reply

Do not try to give link at first day, your account may be ignored.

After posting 10-15 topic when you become a old member ,try to give a link daily.Indeed, the forum owner do not wants that, you only give a link here.

After passing 2-3 months, when you have sufficient post and reply you can able to leave many links.

 In most of the forums have signature option, you can get this from account setting.

You can add any types of link by  editing signature.It means, when you post or reply, link will be automatic added here.

How to make money by forum posting?

So, I think now you have sufficient knowledge about forum posting.If you get a job of forum posting , you may not do that.Because old members can give a lot of links.If you want to do forum posting job a s freelancing, register now in various forums and go forward according to above tricks.

Good luck.

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