How to get Freelancing job without bid

We know that in freelancing marketplace you have to bid to get a job.But there are  freelancing sites where you can earn money or get job without bid.

If you belief the above lines, now read the post and I will show you,how to make money in freelancing marketplace without bid


If you think about a freelancing marketplace like Odesk,here is huge amount of competition to pick a job.For my case,I am working in for one year as a SEO worker.I have got my first job after 3 month. I have applied for 37 jobs.So very difficult and require luck.You may not able to get a job in larger freelancing marketplace, though you have skills.So,it is very useful if there is no requirement of any bid.

How it works?

Suppose you are graphic designer and you wish to make money from your skill through freelancing.For, this you have to apply for a job.If you are lucky, may get the job quickly.But,data says that,getting a new for new freelancer is difficult.But, you can showcase your work in other marketplace.In this case, you have to offer the  buyers to buy your one o this kind of marketplace for graphic designers.

This is not a traditional market, you can sell your product more than one times here.Your job is, just create beautiful designs and submit it.All kind of other jobs will managed by of your product depends on the quality of the product and it is 1$-10$ primarily,You will get 40% commission for each sell.

What types of designs you should submit?

Different types of designs can be submitted here.You can submit logo design,business card,template design,object graphics,icons navigation buttons etc.

Account opening process in

Create a account here
Make your profile.Should be attractive.You can also attach more than your skills.That will be eye catching.
Upload your design here
After submitting, within 72 hours, will inform you about the approval of your design.
 If it is approved, it will be a product for this marketplace.

How much you can earn from

Amount of money totally depends on quality of your design.If a cost of design is 2$ and if it is sell 30 times, you will earn 60$ within 5 months you will earn 300$.

So, if you are Graphic designer.Signup now and make money without bid.

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