SEO according to Google Panda and Penguin update

If you are want to be a SEO expert , you have to update your skills and knowledge along with search engine update.

Google Panda and Penguin update are the latest search engine update from Google,For this our SEO techniques should be change according to Google Panda and Penguin update.In this post I want to share,how to make your SEO according to Google Panda and Penguin update.

Recently Google has changed some of the features of SEO where Panda and Penguin update is most important.Because, Google always try to present desired search results for his visitors.But, many people use black hat techniques to increase their search rank.Though, I am new in SEO, I have read a lot of articles about SEO.Before Panda and Penguin update many people increased their sites rank dramatically by following some black hat techniques.Suppose link from poor sites,higher keyword density,false meta tag with wrong information etc(I do not know much about that)

So, Google Panda and Penguin update comes as a punishment for black hat SEO.Google Panda and Penguin update is not a real Panda and Penguin, it is the feature or algorithm of search engine.The main objective of Google Panda and Penguin update is to kickoff those sites which try to reach at top search result by spamming.

Main features of Goggle Panda and Penguin updates:

Unique and quality content

Quality backlink

Bounce rate

Age of the domain

Site speed

At last there is no gap for spamming.So,copy content,low quality backlink,Blackhat SEO etc are not able to reach at the top.

Now what should be your SEO techniques according to Google Panda and Penguin update:

Contents should be fresh and unique.Copy contents should be removed.

Structure of your site should be SEO friendly.

According to Google update they have given emphasis on social  media interactionS.So, try to add social media bookmarks buttons with every post and your like,followers will increase .That will increase your post rank.

Try to get high quality natural backlinks.For this you should comment on related blog,backlink from forum signature,social bookmarking,backlink from yahoo answer etc.Your backlinks should not be treated as spam.Try to get backlink from various site.If you want to get backlink from the same site try it after 2-3 days.

To find out your related blog/website with high PR click here

Try to submit some guest post.But, it should be related to your blog.

Increase your website loading speed.There are many online free SEO serviceS available.From their you can know your website loading speed.For example,

Reduce your bounce rate.(Upcoming post:How to reduce bounce rate)

No more today,start your SEO according to Panda and Penguin updates.

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