8 best Facebook like exchange sites

In my previous post, I have written about,how to increase Facebook fans.Facebook like exchange one of the technique to increase Facebook fan.

In internet there are many sites who allow you to exchange Facebook like and follower.Here you will find a list of Facebook like exchange sites.

Due to the demand of Facebook like, a number of jobs are created in freelancing sites ,where you have to manage likes for your clients.You can also able to increase your Facebook Fan and like.But do not keep this job professionally.You can earn some extra money from Facebook like.

The systems of these Facebook like exchange sites are more or less similar.You have to signup here.Some sites allow you to make money.This method may be treated as "Give and take" method.

For example, Fanslave one of the popular Facebook like exchange site and also allows to make some extra money.Now I am also using Fanslave to increase my Facebook fan.

At first Signup here
Everyday you can get 12-15 Facebook likes to exchange.If you want to only earning, you have to pay Facebook like.If you want to increase your fan, you have to add your Facebook fan page user name.And your Facebook Fan will increase.The amount  of fan and earning depends on your like exchange.You can earn when you give a like to others and your money will deduct if anyone give you like.To  get a like you account should have .03$. So, you can get minimum 10 Facebook likes daily without referrals.

Every time you give a like after that you have to update your account balance.There is a referral program also.You can get referrals through link,banner ads etc.For each referral you account will refilled and you can get more likes.You can add more than one site here.
Fanlave provides not only Facebook fan and followers but also Tweeter. 
Here is the list of facebook like exchange site:


Try these Facebook like exchange sites and increase your Facebook likes.

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