Easy tips for reducing your blog Alexa Rank

You may already acquainted with the term Alexa rank.In case of Google page rank we try to increase it but encase of Alexa rank we try to reduce it.

Alexa rank is related to  SEO and often my clients talk about  Alexa rank of their blog.In this post I want to share how to reduce Alexa rank of your blog.

Mainly Alexa rank is a method of website ranking.It's working method is totally opposite of Google page rank.For Google PR, higher the PR higher the ranking of your blog.But in Alexa, lower the Alexa rank higher your blog ranking.Many new bloggers like me can not reduce their Alexa rank.It is also vary difficult for old bloggers.You can reduce your Alexa rank with some common tips.In freelancer.com now I am working in a project about Alexa ranking.Before starting this project I have reviewed a number of articles and now I want to share with you.

Step 1:Claim your blog

 At first go to this link and claim your blog by submitting your blog url.Verify it by using verification code or upload verification file in to your server.Now, give your site information carefully.

Step 2:Use of Alexa widget

It is recommended that, you should use Alexa widgets in your blog.You van use Alexa traffic widget and Alexa review widget

Step 3:Give some review in Alexa

To reduce your Alexa rank try to give some review.It is vary important job.Inspire your friend to review your site in Alexa.

Step 4:Use of Alexa tool bar

Use Alexa tool bar in your site.Click here to get Alexa toolbar.

SEO is vary important for reducing Alexa.You can take help from a professional for SEO of your site.

Try to get mote traffic and reduce bounce rate.

Visit your site regularly and refresh and update it.

I think these tips may help you to reduce your Alexa rank.

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