Get huge traffic from Question Answers site

Traffic is the heart of a blog and Question answer sites may be a  reliable way to get traffic for your blog.

There are many Question answer sites available and these Question answer may be your best traffic source for your blog.

Many bloggers like me try to bring visitors in their site.For bringing traffic in to  their blog, they follow various techniques.For example,Keyword research,backlink,social bookmarking,forum posting,SEO etc .Recently, I have learned about a new technique of traffic source and that is Question answer sites.After that I have searched for question answers sites and at last made a list of top Question answer site for getting traffic. 

Question answer sites may be treated as a source of backlink also for your blog.For this, you have to answer any question.

At first signup in these sites and read the rules and regulation carefully.So, you can generate a huge traffic by this method.It is very easy job.I have already an account in is very easy to open an account here.

These are the list of Question answers site:







I think this post may helpful for both backlink and traffic source.

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