5 best microsites to get micro jobs like microworers

Now a days micro jobs are popular for their easy tasks.Among them microworcers.com is one of the leading in microjobs.

Micro jobs means very tiny jobs, required less than 5 minutes to complete.In this post I want to share about 5 best micro sites.

Micro jobs is one kind of  freelancing,where in large marketplace like Odesk,Freelancer.com etc required much time to complete a job or project.But in micro freelancing sites you need very little time to complete a task.Like give a like,become a fan,comments on blog,forum posting etc.

You can earn daily 1$ from a microsites.As a result you can earn daily 5$ from these 5 microsites.

It is very difficult to get a job, as a new freelancer in larger marketplace like Odesk,Freelancer.com etc.So.microsites may be one of the best place for new freelancers.Because, in large marketplace you have to bid to get a job.Job totally depends on your experience and skills.But in microsites, you do not have to bid to get a job.Jobs are available for all the members.So, you can try microsites.Just register in these microsites and start earning right now.

Here is the list of 5 reliable microsites:

How to work in microsites?

According to forums and medias ,these microsites are reliable and they are really pay.You can not get large budget jobs in these microsites.All the jobs are tiny and required 5-10 minutes to complete.New freelancers can earn from these microsites.SEO may be one of the best arsenal to earn from microsites.You can earn 1$ daily from a microsite.If you have a website or a blog containing minimum PR 1, you can give backlink to your clients instantly.

Types of jobs in microsites:

Click and search (.10-.15$) You have to search according to a link and after that you have to click some ads.

Bookmark a page (.10-.20$) You have to bookmark a specific page.Like digg.com, delicious.com or mixx.com.For this you should have account in these sites.

Signup (.10-.20$) You have register in a specific site

 Comment on other blog (.10-.15$)

 Forums(.10-.15$) Forum posting jobs.

 Facebook (.15-.20$) Jobs like Facebook like,become a follower and wall posting etc

Now a days, the popularity and demand of these microsites has increased.As a result a number of people try to get job.

So, make money through these microsites. 

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