How to display Youtube video in your website

Are you belief that you can display youtube video in your website.Yes, it is possible and easy to add a youtube video in your website.

To display youtube video in your website you need a code given by youtube.So,lets start

To present a website beautifully, video is an important media. Many people want to display youtube video in their website.But in traditional method it is vary difficult and costly.Because of hosting charge.You have to upload the video in your server.After that you have to create code for video etc.Most of the hosting company do not provide more than 1 GB space.
You can easily display video in your website by using youtube.

If you want to display a specific video or your video in your website, you have to upload it in youtube at first.

At first go to youtube
Select a video that you want to display.
Click on beneath the video player
A code will displayed here, copy the code.

Now paste the code in your coding page where you want to display the video.

If you want to display your own video, upload it at first and follow the above steps.

But the video must be uploaded in ti youtube.

One think keep in mind that, only registered member can upload,vote and comment.So, at first create an account here.

Now, enjoy your video.

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