Earn money online by uploading files

Is it possible to earn money by uploading files?Yes, you can earn money by uploading files?

Among the various ways of online earning "Make money with uploading files may be a smart way of earning"In this post I want to share how to make money by uploading files.

To make money by uploading files you have to register in their site and after that you have to upload your files.Your earning totally depends on, how many times your uploaded files are downloaded.Referral program is the another way of earning.

 If you want to make a smart amount of money you have to upload unique videos and pictures.Along with you have to share your link in your blog, Facebook ,forum etc.

Ziddu.com one of the this kind of website that offers you to make money by uploading files.In this post I want to show you how you can earn by uploading files.

Step 1:


 Go to this link and complete your registration here.Here you have to fill up full name,email address,password and confirm password with verification.At last submit.

 Step 2:

After that go to your account and and enter in to your account.

Step 3:

Process of file uploading:

At first enter in to ziddu website
Log in to your account
After enter in to your account click on "Upload file"
Under the Multiple files upload , click on the box how many files you want to upload.Here 1 is default.If you want to upload a single file you can escape this step.
Now click on browse and select your files you want to upload.After click on upload button.
After uploading files a download link will given and you have to share it with your friends.

Payment method:

You can withdraw your money when you have 10$ in your account.

Money bookers
 You can also try uploadpay.com


Now enjoy and earn by uploading files.

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