How to make money by creating link

Are you belief that you can make money online by creating link?Yes, this is the another way to make money online by creating short link.

Many people try to make money by creating short link.In this post I want to share the complete process of creating short link and that may allow you to make money online.

Among the various sites of creating short link, I want to share about of this site is very easy and reliable.Earn by creating short link is not adapted for all kind of freelancers.People whoa are related to email marketing,Facebook comment,Blogging etc can able to make money by creating short link.This is not a professional job.This can bring you some extra money.Useful for new freelancers.

If you want to make money by creating link follow these steps carefully:

At first go to site
Join here
Give your necessary information and submit it.Account type  will be link shrinker.
Activate the account by email verification
Now log in to site with your email and password.
Click on tools button and click on easy link
You will be given a link and copy it and save it.
  where you find, replace it with your desired link and spread it through Facebook,blog,email,tweeter etc.
From this time if anyone click this link at first they will go to site with a ad and if he/she click on skip,he can go to main site.It is not so bad if you can do the work.

Payment method:

For each click you can get .04 cent.So, for 1000 click you will earn 1$.
You can withdraw your money if you earn minimum 5$payment option is PayPal and alter-pay.
Write your payment method in withdraw option.

Now, it is your time to make money by creating short link.

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