How to make contact us form for your website without html

Contact us form make a website or blog more attractive and professional.You can create this contact us form on online without html coding.

Without coding means , you can create a contact us form for your website by using online online form builders.Recently I have learned about that and now want to share with you.

You have seen many websites offer a contact us form.Name ,address, email address etc includes in this contact form.It is difficult to make with html.But you can create your website form by online html editors.It is easy to make this website forms online.By using these online form builders you can avoid html coding.The forms can be eye catching.

There are many online website form builders available in internet.But I want to share about 3 of them.

You can make your website form by using Freedback.By using this tool you can avoid coding problems.

Most popular online website form builders in the world.

Another popular online form builder.

I think this post may helpful for you.

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30 high PR profile backlink list

Profile backlink is one of the easy way to get bacjlinks for your blog.In my Previous post I have shared "How to get .edu backlinks?"

Profile backlink means, you have to register in various site with your url and you will get a backlink instantly.My blog is new and I have already collected some backlinks by filling profiles with my url.Now I want to share with you.

 This post is highly useful for new freelancers who works in freelancing marketplaces.Suppose, you have got a job and you have to collect 100 backlinks for your clients site.Sometimes, clients want backlinks from commenting,forum posting, ,edu backlink etc.But if he does not says you anything about the source of the backlinks you can use profiles to get backlink instantly.Profile backlink is the most easiest way to get high PR backlink instantly.

How to create profile backlink?

It is vary easy job to create a profile backlink.You have to use different techniques for different sites.But your target is specific.For example: You can give your url during may be during about me page, sometimes edit profile or sometimes as "add url" etc.At last your main target is to leave your url.

I am working in under SEO section.For this reason,I have collected  list of 200 profiles link.Among them I have some listed here.It helps me to get a job.You can also collect this types of list  because you can attach this file during bid.As a result you may get the job easily.

Here is the list of 30 profile backlink links: PR 7 PR 6
PR 6

I think these resources may help you.

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10 best sites to sell your ebooks online

Many of us can make beautiful and informative eBooks.Among various ways of online earning eBook sell may be one of the smarter way.

If you are a good eBook writer read this post carefully and at the end of the post I have listed 10 best and reliable marketplaces to sell your eBook online.

Before writing a eBook you should consider some factors.Like.........

1. Try to write on popular topics, which people want to read and buy

2.Try to make your eBook informative and interesting

3.Try to write on a single topic, that will increase your skill

4.You can use images to make your eBook attractive

5.Read some eBooks of famous writers.

There are many marketplace available to showcase your eBooks.You can store your eBooks here to sell your books.For every purchase you will get a commission.For this you have to signup in these marketplaces at first.After that you can keep your books here for sell.A single books can be sold for many times.

There are various ways of make eBooks.If you know that just start selling your eBooks.You can make your eBooks using Google doc. If you want to make a eBook easily read this post

This is the list of Marketplaces where you can sell your eBooks:

Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing

Kobo Writing Life










 Now lets start.

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Easy tips for reducing your blog Alexa Rank

You may already acquainted with the term Alexa rank.In case of Google page rank we try to increase it but encase of Alexa rank we try to reduce it.

Alexa rank is related to  SEO and often my clients talk about  Alexa rank of their blog.In this post I want to share how to reduce Alexa rank of your blog.

Mainly Alexa rank is a method of website ranking.It's working method is totally opposite of Google page rank.For Google PR, higher the PR higher the ranking of your blog.But in Alexa, lower the Alexa rank higher your blog ranking.Many new bloggers like me can not reduce their Alexa rank.It is also vary difficult for old bloggers.You can reduce your Alexa rank with some common tips.In now I am working in a project about Alexa ranking.Before starting this project I have reviewed a number of articles and now I want to share with you.

Step 1:Claim your blog

 At first go to this link and claim your blog by submitting your blog url.Verify it by using verification code or upload verification file in to your server.Now, give your site information carefully.

Step 2:Use of Alexa widget

It is recommended that, you should use Alexa widgets in your blog.You van use Alexa traffic widget and Alexa review widget

Step 3:Give some review in Alexa

To reduce your Alexa rank try to give some review.It is vary important job.Inspire your friend to review your site in Alexa.

Step 4:Use of Alexa tool bar

Use Alexa tool bar in your site.Click here to get Alexa toolbar.

SEO is vary important for reducing Alexa.You can take help from a professional for SEO of your site.

Try to get mote traffic and reduce bounce rate.

Visit your site regularly and refresh and update it.

I think these tips may help you to reduce your Alexa rank.

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Get huge traffic from Question Answers site

Traffic is the heart of a blog and Question answer sites may be a  reliable way to get traffic for your blog.

There are many Question answer sites available and these Question answer may be your best traffic source for your blog.

Many bloggers like me try to bring visitors in their site.For bringing traffic in to  their blog, they follow various techniques.For example,Keyword research,backlink,social bookmarking,forum posting,SEO etc .Recently, I have learned about a new technique of traffic source and that is Question answer sites.After that I have searched for question answers sites and at last made a list of top Question answer site for getting traffic. 

Question answer sites may be treated as a source of backlink also for your blog.For this, you have to answer any question.

At first signup in these sites and read the rules and regulation carefully.So, you can generate a huge traffic by this method.It is very easy job.I have already an account in is very easy to open an account here.

These are the list of Question answers site:







I think this post may helpful for both backlink and traffic source.

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How to make money from your blog by Adbrite

Advertisement one of the best way of earning from a blog.After Google adsense Adbrite may be the first alternative for earning from a blog.

Adbrite can be compared with Google adsense in terms of attractive ads and earning.In this post I want to share ,how make to make money with Adbrite and its approval process.

I like freelancing jobs along with blogging.Because blogging is the multiple ways of online earning.There are a lot of scopes to earn from a blog.Now I ma trying for Google adsense.I know, like me, a lot of bloggers trying for Google adsense.But you can earn from your blog by using alternatives of Google adsense.There are a lot of Google adsense alternatives available.Among them I think, Adbrite is the best after Google adsense(According to my boss).In this post I want to share which I have learned from my boss.

Adbrite is a reliable PPC site.I have heard about their payment option also.You can review it by visiting many popular forums.If you visit level forum in the world) , you can learn more about this.Like Google adsense at first register here and get the ad code.

Payment method:

Payment method is like Google adsense and by check .

But the sad news is that,Now Adbrite do not approve lower level domain like me.

So, friends start your earning by Adbrite.

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How to make money by image advertisement from your blog

There are various ways of earning from a blog or website.Image advertisement may one of the highest paying program for a blog/website.


Among various image advertisement site may be the best site.In this post I want to share about how to make money by image advertisement from your blog.

Google adsense is the first choice for most of the bloggers.Because, it is best and reliable adsense program in the world.Google provides ads relevant to website content.But if you want to make money by Google adsense ,visitors have to click your ads.If there is fake click, your account may be band.

But buysellads are different from Google ads.There is no requirement of click on the ads.You can earn if your site approved by can earn from byusellads by monthly contract and page impression.Buysellads operates their image advertising program with good reputation for a long time.Most of the blog site now using buysellads.

How to approve buysellads?

It is vary difficult to get approve from buysellads even more than Google adsense.For Google adsense you need quality content.But encase of buysellads visitors number,PR and page impression are main factor.Require more than 20000 monthly visitors to get approve from .Higher the PR and page impression , your ad space value will increased.

How much you can earn from buysellads?

It is depend on PR, page impression,Alexa rank etc.A blog of PR 4-8 with100000 monthly visitors can earn 1000$ monthly from buysellads.So a blog with a huge number of visitors may be a multiple ways of earning.

So, at last we need high PR, good Alexa rank and more visitors.

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What should be your blog domain name

Blog  domain name one of the important factor in terms of SEO.A domain name contain the identity of your blog and website.

Before choosing a domain name for your blog you should give emphasis on some factors.In this post you will learn how to select a blog domain name efficiently.

Blog or website domain name may be a problem before start a blog.This problem can be a major problem if you want to start blogging professionally.But,in this post I have shared some key points that should be considered before buying a domain name.

Generally, many people buy domain name quickly or select free domain name.After passing some days ,he feels that his blog domain name is not related to his blog content.If he select a new domain name all previous works will waste.

Domain name of your blog represent your blog identity and brand.Visitors can also get an idea about your blog content.So, it is vary important to pick a related domain name.

Some important tips to select your blog domain name:

Your domain name should be related to your site content.

Choose a name that is simple and visitors can remember it easily

Your domain name should not too large.

Extension should be .com

If it is a domain name for a company, try to give the domain name as your company name.For example: .org

If you use your desired keyword in your domain name it will be vary helpful for SEO.

How to analyses your domain name?

If you are not able to select your blog domain name or facing problem for domain name ,in internet their are some tools which can help you to select your domain name.

 Google Adwords Keywords tool

 Domain Suggetions

I think this post may help you to choose your blog domain name. 

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Best 5 fIrefox add-ons for SEO and webdesigner

Firefox is the mostly used browser in the world and famous for their unlimited add-ons.Among various Firefox addons you can install SEO tools as addons.

In my previous post I have shared about best 5 SEO extensions for Google chrome browser.In this post I want to share about 5 best SEO tools addons for Firefox browser.

I do not want to write more about SEO but it is obvious that these Firefox SEO addons will help you a lot.Now, start installing these Firefox addons in to your Firfox browser.

Kgen is a Firefox addons which allow you to observe what keywords are strong on a visited webpages for search engines.You can also know the average position of a keyword in webpages.You can also get a CSV file of data.At last it is keyword research firefox addons.

SEO for Firefox

I can not explain how necessary firefox addons this is.Because it can provides PR,age,links,.edu links,page link,Alexa and other social media links.Not only indexed page but also provides how many subscribers of a blog.

Search status

Another Firefox extension for webmasters.It also provides PR,Alexa rank, link etc.The anther feature is keyword density checker.


One of the most popular addons for Firefox.By using this Firebug you can easily debug CSS,JavaScript and HTML.

Web developer tool bar

This firefox extension is valuable for web-developer.It can analyze a design,layout of a design etc.

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Best Google Chrome extensions for SEO

Google Chrome one of the best internet browser in the world with thousands of extensions.Google chrome offers some extensions those are effective for SEO.

In this post I want to share about 5 best Google chrome extensions that would help your SEO project.

In freelancing marketplace a lot of works available in SEO section.Webmasters use different types of SEO tools to complete his project.This SEO project can be easily done by using some Google chrome extensions.These Google chrome extensions might save your time.

This is a very effective tools and provides a lot of information like PR,index pages,backlinks,social media status etc.


Awesome Google chrome extension for SEO.Provides in depth information about SEO.

Sitemap generator

You can generate unlimited sitemap by this Google chrome extension and it is free.

SEO Status Pagerank/Alexa Toolbar


This Google chrome extension check Google PR and Alexa for every page.According to Google it can reduce Alexa rank.

Page rank status:

A really SEO extension for Google Chrome to easily access the Google PageRank (PR), Alexa Rank, Compete Rank and Quantcast Rank of the current web page, in addition to getting information on backlinks, indexed pages, cached pages, socials, Whois, Geo IP location and more.


I think this post helpful for my readers and also for SEO expert.

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Directory sublission tutorial with list of high PR Webdirectory

Among the various freelancing job directory submission one of the most easy job.Generally directory submission is done to increase visitors of a particular website or blog.

In this post I want  to share, how to submit a website or blog in different directories.At the end of the post I have provided a list of  high PR web directories.

Directory submission play an important role in SEO.For this reason you may get a number of jobs in freelancing marketplace under the  SEO and data entry section.As directory submission is an easy job, new freelancers can take a chance of this.Blog and website can bring a lot of visitors by submitting their blog in web-directories.

What is webdirectory?

Directory is the list of websites according to category.Before invention of search engine people found their websites from directories.Still now many people prefer to find their website from webdirectory.As a result you can get a lot of visitors from a web directory.

 For example , is a web directory and now we submit our blog to this directory.Its page rank 3 with good Alexa ranking.

At first click on add url button.
A page will come in and select Regular link free, if the site with high PR you can select  Regular link with reciprocal.If you do that you have to create a link of this site from your site.

 Fill the form carefully with legal information.At last submit it.

The  method of website submission is more or less similar for all sites.To get a freelancing job related to website directory submission, collect thousands  of website directory address.During bid a project attach it for your buyer and I think you may get the job.

List of popular directories:

From this link you will get a list of more than 500  web directories.

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SEO according to Google Panda and Penguin update

If you are want to be a SEO expert , you have to update your skills and knowledge along with search engine update.

Google Panda and Penguin update are the latest search engine update from Google,For this our SEO techniques should be change according to Google Panda and Penguin update.In this post I want to share,how to make your SEO according to Google Panda and Penguin update.

Recently Google has changed some of the features of SEO where Panda and Penguin update is most important.Because, Google always try to present desired search results for his visitors.But, many people use black hat techniques to increase their search rank.Though, I am new in SEO, I have read a lot of articles about SEO.Before Panda and Penguin update many people increased their sites rank dramatically by following some black hat techniques.Suppose link from poor sites,higher keyword density,false meta tag with wrong information etc(I do not know much about that)

So, Google Panda and Penguin update comes as a punishment for black hat SEO.Google Panda and Penguin update is not a real Panda and Penguin, it is the feature or algorithm of search engine.The main objective of Google Panda and Penguin update is to kickoff those sites which try to reach at top search result by spamming.

Main features of Goggle Panda and Penguin updates:

Unique and quality content

Quality backlink

Bounce rate

Age of the domain

Site speed

At last there is no gap for spamming.So,copy content,low quality backlink,Blackhat SEO etc are not able to reach at the top.

Now what should be your SEO techniques according to Google Panda and Penguin update:

Contents should be fresh and unique.Copy contents should be removed.

Structure of your site should be SEO friendly.

According to Google update they have given emphasis on social  media interactionS.So, try to add social media bookmarks buttons with every post and your like,followers will increase .That will increase your post rank.

Try to get high quality natural backlinks.For this you should comment on related blog,backlink from forum signature,social bookmarking,backlink from yahoo answer etc.Your backlinks should not be treated as spam.Try to get backlink from various site.If you want to get backlink from the same site try it after 2-3 days.

To find out your related blog/website with high PR click here

Try to submit some guest post.But, it should be related to your blog.

Increase your website loading speed.There are many online free SEO serviceS available.From their you can know your website loading speed.For example,

Reduce your bounce rate.(Upcoming post:How to reduce bounce rate)

No more today,start your SEO according to Panda and Penguin updates.

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Make money by forum posting|Forum posting job

You may already conscious about the word forum posting.Forum means a open discussion place.

In this post I want to share about forum , how to post in a forum and at last how to make money by forum posting.

Many of us try to make money from internet.For this, we have to increase our expertise.It is available occurring that,new freelancers bid for a project without understanding a project.As, a result it is vary difficult for them to complete the job.

Now, I want to discuss with a vary simple and common job in freelancing site is forum posting.Forum posting jobs are available in all freelancing marketplace.Now a days forum posting job also available in microsites.Now,if you want to do the forum posting job, you have to follow some rules and regulation.

What is forum?

Forum is a platform in web where it's members are discuss about a topic.A forum may be be totally individual.So, a forum is made for a subject-matter discussion.Forums may be a part of a website.For example, w3school is a website for learning web design.They have a forum where people discuss about web design.There are many forums which are developed only for forum posting.For example, is developed for different kinds of discussion like webdesign,make money,SEO etc.Some forims are only for a single topic.Generally, in a forum, one of a member submit question and other members are reply it.As, a result a forum gets a lot of visitors.Many webmasters try to leave a link here with reply.

Tips and tricks of forum posting?

At first register in various forums and read the rules and regulation properly.

Try to understand the discussion of  forum.

Try to post slowly.Primarily, post 1/2 topics daily and try to reply

Do not try to give link at first day, your account may be ignored.

After posting 10-15 topic when you become a old member ,try to give a link daily.Indeed, the forum owner do not wants that, you only give a link here.

After passing 2-3 months, when you have sufficient post and reply you can able to leave many links.

 In most of the forums have signature option, you can get this from account setting.

You can add any types of link by  editing signature.It means, when you post or reply, link will be automatic added here.

How to make money by forum posting?

So, I think now you have sufficient knowledge about forum posting.If you get a job of forum posting , you may not do that.Because old members can give a lot of links.If you want to do forum posting job a s freelancing, register now in various forums and go forward according to above tricks.

Good luck.

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How to display Youtube video in your website

Are you belief that you can display youtube video in your website.Yes, it is possible and easy to add a youtube video in your website.

To display youtube video in your website you need a code given by youtube.So,lets start

To present a website beautifully, video is an important media. Many people want to display youtube video in their website.But in traditional method it is vary difficult and costly.Because of hosting charge.You have to upload the video in your server.After that you have to create code for video etc.Most of the hosting company do not provide more than 1 GB space.
You can easily display video in your website by using youtube.

If you want to display a specific video or your video in your website, you have to upload it in youtube at first.

At first go to youtube
Select a video that you want to display.
Click on beneath the video player
A code will displayed here, copy the code.

Now paste the code in your coding page where you want to display the video.

If you want to display your own video, upload it at first and follow the above steps.

But the video must be uploaded in ti youtube.

One think keep in mind that, only registered member can upload,vote and comment.So, at first create an account here.

Now, enjoy your video.

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10 best professional look free Blogger template collection

Professional look Blogger template is essential to make a attractive blog in Blogspot.Here, I have collected a some awesome and professional look Blogger template.

I think your searching for professional look blogger template will be end here.Because, I have selected 10 best professional and website look blogger template.

Before starting a blog professionally you have to set a professional look blogger template in blogspot.Professional look blogger template means, a template which contains many necessary things like drop down menu,page navigation bar,footer without unnecessary space,beautiful comment box,beautiful sidebar,space and gadget for adsense and other ads etc.At last it should catch the eye of the visitors.

Many bloggers search for beautiful blogger template.Yes, there are a lot of free blogger templates available in internet but all the templates can not fulfill the criteria of a professional blogger template.

The another problem is template modification after download.Many people do not know how to create a drop down menu.Some blogger template contain slider but many bloggers do not like to add slider in to their blog.After download it ,you have to unzip it.Search for without slider template.



2. Chukcy


 3.Forex Press




5.Spice your blog like blogger template

6.My blogger tricks like blogger template

7.Platinum theme blogger template


8.Flash news


9.Social eyes


 10.Simple clean white blogger template



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