How to find high PR backlinks by a search engine

Backlinks are essential to increase PR of a blog or website.You can find specific backlink for a specific keyword by a special search engine.

In this I want to share how to search for .edu, .gov etc higher PR websites in search engine?.To find specific backlink, we will use a special search engine.

Read this post carefully and I am sure you may get valuable high PR related backlinks for your blog easily.

In many freelancing sites buyer wants for specific types of backlinks like backlink from  .edu , .gov etc.Than the freelancers or webmasters search for .edu or .gov baclinks in internet.Most of the cases we use google search engine to find specific backlink sites.But the sites may not according to blog or website.In my previous post, I have given a code which is used to find .edu backlinks.

 Now the question is that, is it important to make relavent backlinks?Relevant backlink means a backlink which related to your site keyword.For example,if your blog about health, your backlinks should be from a health related site.That will increase your PR dramatically.

"So, we need backlink from specific relevant websites.It is very difficult to search for specific type of backlink against a specific keyword.You can overcome this problem by using a search engine.That allow you to search for specific backlink against a specific keyword".

The site is

 This is a very useful and effective search engine to get specific backlink against a specific keywords.The another advantage is that you can also get backlinks that are related to your site.

You can search for

.edu blog
.gov blog
Dofollow comment blog
Anchor text in comment blog etc

After searching your desired keyword, you will find list of backlink sites.This search engine is vary useful for SEO expert who works for promoting a blog or website.

In this method, within a short time you can get a lot of backlinks those are related to your blog.

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