How to make money by image advertisement from your blog

There are various ways of earning from a blog or website.Image advertisement may one of the highest paying program for a blog/website.


Among various image advertisement site may be the best site.In this post I want to share about how to make money by image advertisement from your blog.

Google adsense is the first choice for most of the bloggers.Because, it is best and reliable adsense program in the world.Google provides ads relevant to website content.But if you want to make money by Google adsense ,visitors have to click your ads.If there is fake click, your account may be band.

But buysellads are different from Google ads.There is no requirement of click on the ads.You can earn if your site approved by can earn from byusellads by monthly contract and page impression.Buysellads operates their image advertising program with good reputation for a long time.Most of the blog site now using buysellads.

How to approve buysellads?

It is vary difficult to get approve from buysellads even more than Google adsense.For Google adsense you need quality content.But encase of buysellads visitors number,PR and page impression are main factor.Require more than 20000 monthly visitors to get approve from .Higher the PR and page impression , your ad space value will increased.

How much you can earn from buysellads?

It is depend on PR, page impression,Alexa rank etc.A blog of PR 4-8 with100000 monthly visitors can earn 1000$ monthly from buysellads.So a blog with a huge number of visitors may be a multiple ways of earning.

So, at last we need high PR, good Alexa rank and more visitors.

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